Xiaomi, which continues to receive documents on top of the document for new screen designs, does not stop about the curved phone. The latest patent of the Chinese company attracts attention with its “waterfall screen” design.

Xiaomi is quite active in curved phone

A file was prepared for this patent, which was approved by the Chinese Patent Office. Apart from the black and white scheme images, there are 38 more images in the prepared file. Xiaomi applied for this screen on January 19, 2020.

This screen, which is said to be produced in order to provide the full screen experience, is similar to the screen of Mi Mix Alpha. This screen, which is still in the design phase, is designed with a structure that does not spread to the entire back body.

This screen, which houses a structure that stretches from side to side according to the published images, is shaped towards the bottom of the back. We do not see any styling on the top.

There is no button on either screen. When we look at the bottom, 1 USB-C port and 2 compartments meet us. These pods are said to be used for primary microphones, speakers, or dual stereo speakers.

When we look at the upper part, we see a mechanism designed for a selfie camera and fed from a structure that can be opened and closed (pop-up). This camera may be accompanied by a secondary microphone.

It is stated that Xiaomi will completely remove the front camera and make users use the second screen for selfie photos. There may also be an on / off button at the top.

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When we look at the cameras, two designs meet us. One of the designs has a black frame. The other design reminds the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, which was released 2 years ago. The camera lens reminds of the Mate 30 series.


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