A Reddit user claims that his spouse left him after he refused to sell his Bitcoins to make a profit when the BTC price first reached $ 60,000.



Didn’t sell bitcoin

According to a post titled “My wife is leaving because of bitcoin.” The topic was first featured in the “r / Bitcoin” subdirectory on March 25 by the user of “u / Parking_Meater”. After the man did not sell his Bitcoin, his wife left home when the price reached $ 60,000 earlier this month.

Parking_Meater explained that his wife was very angry and abandoned him after he caught him buying more BTC:

“He went to stay with his sisters. He was very angry for not selling it for 60 thousand, and he often scolded me and looked at the price. I tell him we don’t need money and we have money. We live well. But today he caught me buying BTC again and he got so angry that he almost hit me! Now he packed his bags and went to his sisters. ”

Bitcoin price first broke $ 60,000 around 09:00 UTC on March 10, and reached an all-time high of $ 61,749, according to CryptoCompare data.


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