Roger Ver made an interesting statement at an AMA (ask-me-anything) event he organized the other day.

Supporting Bitcoin until 2017, Ver started supporting the Bitcoin Cash hard fork in the summer of 2017. Roger Ver, who has been trying to introduce Bitcoin Cash to people since then, criticizes Bitcoin with harsh language. Saying that Bitcoin is moving away from its founding principles, Ver believes that one day the whole world will use Bitcoin Cash.

BUT Edited

Roger Ver organized an AMA to share his views on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, to interpret the future of Bitcoin Cash. Ver who made the announcement through Reddit called people to the Discord channel to ask him questions.

People started asking Roger Ver about various topics after the event started, and Ver answered most of these questions. But Ver said that after answering a few questions , he had to end the event . This AMA event, which lasted much shorter than expected, disappointed many users. But Roger Ver explained why he finished the event early, saying:

Roger Ver said that he finished the AMA event early because it will “meet a state leader” , and if this meeting was positive, Bitcoin Cash could become the “official currency” of this state .

Responses on Social Media

This statement by Roger Ver did not see much positive reaction on social media. Some users said that Roger Ver was “joking”, some said that the “state” mentioned here was probably “Liberland” , while others said that Ver was ” trying to deceive people . ”

According to some names, it is ironic that Roger Ver tries to turn Bitcoin Cash into a “currency of the state”, which he praises for his decentralization .


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