iPhone 12 News: Apple began to lose the lawsuits filed against it. The giant from Cupertino lost its iPhone 12 charging adapter case in Brazil.


Apple from Cupertino had removed a ton of things from the box content at the launch of the iPhone 12 because we were protecting the world. Nobody said what happened when the iPhone 12 came out of the box without the charging adapter and headset. In fact, Apple reduced the size of the box by removing the charging adapter from the box, and while in logistics, for example, it could send 100 iPhones at a time, this number increased to over 150 with the shrinkage of the box. Earning revenue by selling the charging adapter separately, Apple was a winner on both sides. So you see, the event is not the world, it is purely emotional.

Conscious users in various parts of the world started to sue Apple over this event. Today, a case report came from Brazil. The lawsuit filed against Apple by Procon-SP, the country’s customer protection department, has been concluded today. The court found Apple wrong for the charging adapter and fined it 10 million Brazilian Real.

Mariana’s lawyer, Rafael Quaresma, states that his client claimed that the iPhone needed a charging adapter for it to work. Therefore, Apple is sued for missing product sales. Actually, they are not wrong. When selling a device, it needs to have all the equipment for it to work.

If Apple took the charging adapters out of the box to protect the world, why are they still produced and sold? This critical point makes Apple look unfair. If Apple wanted to protect it so much, it had to lower the price because it took accessories out of the box. Or it shouldn’t sell the charging adapter separately. Apple, which will apply the same policy with the iPhone 13, will make it a standard and you will forget this news in 2-3 years.


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