When Instagram Reels launched its section in August, everyone saw it as a competitor to TikTok, which is now clearly the fastest growing social network. Both platforms offer a similar service, and the creators considered it a low effort high reward initiative to publish a video on two different apps.



As of today, Instagram has decided to punish the laziest creators and influencers. He announced that he will stop watermarking Reels like the icon that can be seen in all TikTok videos.

Instagram posted some Tips to be discovered via the Reels tab, an episode introduced in November, in a cheerful (but actually disturbing) post through the creators’ account. Frankly, Instagram is a reminder that platform videos should be “fun”, “inspiring” and clearly shot vertically.

What Instagram doesn’t want is for users to post blurry low-resolution videos, recycled short clips from other platforms, and those with borders in their circles. Content will no longer be promoted through Reels, but they will continue to be available in the Profile tab and appear in the followers’ Feed. These social media entertainers will remain relevant as long as they stick to the Instagram music library or the original audio available on Reels.


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