XRP Tracker’s latest analysis report reveals the scale of XRP gift scams that happened to users of major crypto exchanges last month.

XRP Forensics, a company that works with XRP analytics and tracks large amounts of XRP transactions, including those made by fraudsters, helps users recover stolen coins.

XRP Forensics posted on Twitter to share some of the latest statistics about the millions of XRPs from gift scams that have been on the move over the past month.

Scammers moved over 2.5 million XRP to KuCoin and Kraken

The platform shared that more than 2.5 million XRP stolen in gift scams were shifted to Kraken and KuCoin digital exchanges last month.

Data collected by XRP Forensics says that these coins were stolen from users in gift scams that emerged in December 2020, some of which started a year ago.

In the crypto scams mentioned, more than 3.6 million XRP were stolen from users through multiple websites used for gift fraud, of which 900,000 XRP has not yet been laundered.

About 460 people were defrauded, according to the company’s assessment. This number is Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken etc. It includes users of crypto exchanges.

According to XRP Forensics, scammers mostly send the stolen XRP to Kraken, KuCoin and Binance. Scammers have been using addresses on these exchanges for a long time, and these wallets are marked with a warning flag in company reports.

On Monday, XRP Forensics reached out to the KuCoin support team on Twitter, as it was unable to communicate with them via DMs. A specific XRP used to transfer the stolen crypto via KuCoin was selected.

The exchange suggested that the company submit a support ticket, token name, and TXID, and then provide the support ticket number to the team so that this issue can be resolved quickly.

In response, the company promised to publish a complete summary of the funds stolen in the scams soon.

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