Internet News: In the age of technology, the internet has collapsed across the globe today. This event, which shocked everyone, does not seem to be related to the server. Here are the details.


There was an event that shocked everyone around the world today. The internet around the world has really crashed today for a short time, so to speak. According to the news of Newsweek; It has happened in Australia, North America, the UK, Europe and China.

Users who want to access websites in countries where the outage is experienced are faced with the Error 503 warning. It is also very interesting that giant names such as Amazon, Twitch, Reddit, Spotify and PayPal are among the inaccessible sites. However, there are some estimates for this cut.

‚ÄčAlex Hern, technology editor of the Guardian; He stated that the outage was caused by the US-based cloud computing service provider Fastly. According to Alex Hern; The whole world has been affected by the problem in Fastly.

Also; Hern noted that the BBC has switched to another content delivery network. After this server change, the BBC started to serve again. So Hern’s claim seems to be true for now.

This issue seems to have been resolved for now. However, according to the information conveyed, interruptions continue from time to time. The exact reason for this outage is expected to be officially announced in the coming hours. This incident proved how wrong it was to entrust everything to a single server with such giant names. We hope that such problems will not be encountered again.


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