Facebook announced both the internet and its performance-friendly Instagram Lite application at a meeting held in India today.

Facebook and Instagram, which are our must-have apps on our smartphones, are getting a lot of reaction from users because they consume a lot of data. In addition, the size of the applications takes up a lot of space compared to some entry-level devices. As such, manufacturers are also developing Lite versions of such applications that take up less space and consume internet. For example, we can see many applications such as Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite in the market. Now, Instagram comes up with the new Instagram Lite application with a clean and simple interface. This application has a size of 2MB and saves a lot to the user by consuming the internet with the least amount of money.

In fact, we know the Instagram Lite application from past years. However, Facebook eliminated this Lite version and did not bring it back to market in a long time. Now, the company has rolled up its sleeves again and today announced its new Instagram Lite application with the “Facebook Fuel for India” event in India. This application, which has a size of 2MB, has a very simple structure. There are no loads to load, for example reels, shopping or IGTV. So if you do not like these features, this application is for you.

This application, which is currently announced by Facebook, is limited to India. However, the US company will soon offer this application to other markets.


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