A meeting is held for Captain America, one of the most important characters of Marvel films, to return to the screens with Chris Evans’ re-characterization.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Disney started with Iron Man in 2008, has expanded with movies released every year and has become one of the biggest brands in the cinema industry for now. Many characters have contributed to the growth of the brand, but it must be said that Captain America is at the top of this list.

With Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame, many characters at the center of the universe were bid farewell. A good farewell was written for Captain America, too. However, the latest news has confused things a bit. According to Deadline’s report, the studio and Chris Evans are currently in talks for the return of Captain America.

However, the studio is also aware that returning Captain America directly is a very risky and wrong decision. In other words, his character is only spoken to appear in another movie. Like Iron Man appearing in the first Spider-Man movie.

It is unclear where this deal will go or in which production they are considering. According to Deadline’s report, the deal seems to have been largely achieved. Captain America is scheduled to appear in at least one, possibly two different productions.


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