Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov warned them that they earn advertising revenue from fraud activities promoted on Facebook and Instagram.

Pavel Durov, the founder of social media giant Telegram, made heavy criticism on Facebook and Instagram for allowing people who earn money from fake advertising using his own name and picture.

Durov accuses Facebook and Instagram of ignoring user complaints through the Russian Telegram channel on June 17:

“For more than a year, Facebook and Instagram have been making money from scam ads launched on my behalf. These ads are approved by Facebook moderators, which gives them advertising status, thus misleading people. ”

“Facebook is More Successful in Political Censorship!”

One of the scams mentioned by Durov was the fake Gram token offer. Durov also accuses Facebook of double standards, claiming that the moderators are eager to make it easier when it comes to political censorship:

“It is unacceptable for Facebook to ignore complaints for more than a year, and to earn income from users’ financial inexperience. While Facebook’s team of Russian moderators quickly resolved political censorship, it is unacceptable to close their eyes to frauds! ”

Durov warns Facebook to draw more attention to this problem; meanwhile, it urges users to record and keep evidence of fraudulent ads for a potential future legal battle.


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