The Android operating system updates itself every year. The update takes place, and then the process of manufacturers not being able to update their phones begins. Synchronization problems also occur in phones updated to the new operating system. Many users also say “my battery is not doing as well as it used to be”. In this confusion, despite everything, the highly anticipated Android 12 operating system is preparing to come with a pre-release. It is officially in front of us today with the wallpaper of the new operating system that has been spoken for a while.



Note that a limited pre-version of Android 12 will be released on February 17 and will be officially introduced in May. The final version seems to be available to users in September 2021. There are not many details about the new operating system for now, but the biggest difference is that Android 12 offers a much smoother performance by offering optimizations specific to 90Hz and 120Hz scanning speed.

On the side of the expected features in the new operating system, there are the following. It is expected to contain new icons, new animations, new system sounds and of course new wallpapers. How Android 12 will be distributed and which phones it will come to is an unknown issue for now.

When we look at the resulting visuals, the new operating system shows us which application has which permissions while using the application. However, it seems that there will be serious changes in the notification panel and Widgets.


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