Some official images were shared, showing the exterior design of 2021 Lada Niva Travel, which is announced to start production in a short time. Here is the new Niva Travel’s design similar to the Toyota RAV4:

The name “Lada Niva”, which has become an icon with its unchanging design for more than 40 years, finally combines with a more modern design. The Russian automaker begins production of the new Lada Niva Travel model.

New Lada Niva Travel
Although the model called Lada Niva Travel is not technically different from the iconic model as “4×4”, there are serious changes in its design. Lada Niva Travel, which managed to achieve a more modern look with this change in its design, could not get rid of the criticism of “Toyota RAV4 copy”, especially with the angular structure and details of the front section.

It is worth noting that the new Lada Niva Travel is not a project created from scratch. In fact, this model was first released in 1998 under the name VAZ-2123. After the cooperation between General Motors and AvtoWAZ in 2003, it appeared as the re-logoed version of the Chevrolet Niva. GM later withdrew from this partnership and transferred its share to the Russian manufacturer.

This small SUV is returning in 2021 under the Lada brand, under the name Niva Travel, with touches in its design.

According to the statement made, the production of Lada Niva Travel started this week and the first model to descend from the band was the off-road version of Niva Travel. The model in question has black plastic details on the fender and skirts, off-road tires, snorkel and permanent all-wheel drive system as standard.

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Date has been given for the new generation Lada Niva: Here is the first image

Although the 2021 Lada Niva Travel is quite different in design, the engine under the shell is familiar. In other words, the 1.7-liter gasoline engine that produces 80 horsepower and 127 Nm of torque continues to sit under the hood. The engine in question is combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Apart from that, other technical details and price of the new Lada Niva Travel are not yet clear.

Finally, it is good not to confuse the Lada Niva Travel with the iconic model sold as a 4×4. We know that the Russian automaker wants to renew this model, which has been before us with its unchanged design for years. For this, the 4×4 Vision concept was introduced in 2018. But there is still no sound from the mass production model.


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