Google could not prevent the leaks and showed the new Android design. In a new leaked document, screenshots of Google’s upcoming Android 12 software appeared. An update to the notification shade outlines the upcoming changes Google is making, including new privacy notices and controls, and perhaps an overhaul of Android Widgets.



The notification shade on Android 12 is no longer transparent. Instead, an opaque beige shade is preferred. A separate section for conversations continues to exist, with more pronounced rounded curves in each section. Another noticeable change is the reduction of the number of fast setting transitions from 6 to 4.

The second major change observed is the new notification of when an app is using the camera or microphone. Similar to Apple’s feature in iOS 14, Android 12 will now display a green dot when using any of these sensors. When you tap the dot, a screen will come where users can access more information about which app is or is using the camera or microphone.

Widgets also seem to be getting an update. Google is considering adding a new “Conversations” Widget as shown in the screenshots below. With its smallest size, it can show one message from one messaging app at a time. Google may also introduce a UI change to Widgets in general.

We can say that these screenshots, which have not been confirmed for now, look very stylish. However, Google could possibly change this design completely in the final version.


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