Known for his Invincible and The Walking Dead series, Robert Kirkman’s comic book series Hardcore will be adapted into the film by the director of Godzilla vs Kong.

Another comic book series Hardcore, by Robert Kirkman, the creator of the popular entertainment industry’s The Walking Dead and recently Invincible, is adapted to the film.

Adapted for Hardcore Movie

The comic book series Hardcore, created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, is adapted into the film by Universal. Adam Wingard, the director of another popular recent production, Godzilla vs Kong, was hired to direct the film.

The film’s script is drafted by series creator Robert Kirkman. The script will be co-written by Adam Wingard and Will Simmon. The film will be produced by Adam Wingard, David Alpert, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst. Unfortunately, the details of the movie, such as the release date or the actors, are unclear.

The Hardcore series is again a series where the action is at the top level. The comic is about a show called Hardcore, where they can turn any agent into any person for specific tasks.


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