Actor Jung Joon Won has been confirmed not to appear in the upcoming episode ‘The World of the Married’.

As previously reported, Jung Joon Won was embroiled in controversy after his picture of drinking alcohol and smoking circulated on the internet.

The photo is a controversy among Korean netizens, because Jung Joon Won is still a minor.

Now on Monday (11/05) representatives from JTBC reported, “Based on the drama script, the appearance of Jung Joon Won ended in the 14th episode.”

That way, Jung Joon Won will certainly not appear in the last two episodes of ‘The World of the Married’ which will be aired this weekend.

Jung Joon Won is the character cast of Cha Hae Kang, a classmate of the character Lee Joon Young, played by teenage actor Jeon Jin Seo.


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