Upgrading to a new SDK for the Corona virus, Apple had jumped from iOS 13.4.5 Beta 2 to iOS 13.5 Beta 3. After 1 week, iOS 13.5 Beta 4 version was released to developers and offers important changes.

The corona virus contact notification feature developed as a result of the collaboration of Google and Apple has been activated with iOS 13.5 Beta. While users are free to activate it or not, it will make it very easy for you to know if you are contacting someone who has caught the corona virus.

What is offered with iOS 13.5 Beta 4?
When two people who activate this feature come together, their phones communicate via Bluetooth and anonymous records are kept. If a virus is detected in one of these people, the data from the phone is uploaded to a server.

As a result of decryption of the encrypted data, people who have been contacted recently are informed. In addition, a new feature was introduced in emergency calls that allows you to share your medical information.

According to Apple’s statement, when this feature is activated, medical identification information is transmitted to the emergency officers who answer the call. Apple states that allergies and similar information can be transmitted in this way.

Users wearing masks had difficulty in unlocking the device because Face ID did not recognize their face. In iOS 13.5, the device detects that you are wearing a mask and goes directly to the password screen. In this way, you do not waste time with facial recognition.

In addition to this, it is now possible to disable the automatic growth of the speaker while having a video call with more than one person in FaceTime. While fixing two vulnerabilities in the mail application, the problem that occurs when opening the Personal Access Point is fixed.


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