Apple, which was in our news the other day, is currently working on three new technological products. The company, which aims to make the iPhone 12 Mini fail in a short time, seems to make a name for itself in March. In addition, the company, which presented the iOS 12.5 Beta 2 update to a limited number of users last week, managed to come up with a brand new development today. While users in different parts of the world continued to wait for new products, the company accelerated its work. New developments are continuing in these days, when we look forward to the month of March.



While the innovations coming to the Android platform continue to excite many mobile application developers, new attacks continue to come from the iOS front. While hundreds of thousands of Android application developers closely followed the innovations that will come with Android 12, iOS application developers turned their eyes to iOS 14.5. The highly anticipated update was presented to mobile application developers today.

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iOS 14.5 Beta 2 Mobile Application Introduced to Developers

The new update, which was released to a limited audience last week, is still in beta. The operating system, which is not yet clear when it will be launched as a full version, has been presented to the mobile application developers as of this morning. The update, which brings many innovations with it, gives mobile application developers the opportunity to experience many new technologies as well as new ideas. With the incoming update, three new actions have been added to shortcuts.

Users will have the opportunity to take screenshots with shortcuts, turn the routing lock on and off, and make changes to voice and data (5G, 4G, 3G). The update also offers users a faster way to fine-tune playlists, giving users the opportunity to move on to the next song by pushing tracks left and right. The operating system, which has become functional with many new drop-down menus, also has more than 200 new emojis.


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