For iOS 14.5, the end of the tunnel appeared, the beta 6 version was released. Let’s see what the new update, which hosts many innovations, offers?


The last major update before iOS 15, which is expected to be introduced in June, is about to end for iOS 14.5, beta 6 version has been released. If there is no unusual situation, Apple, returning to the last turn, will soon offer the iOS 14.5 update for all users.

The new iOS version, which is currently in the testing process, comes with brand new features other than what we have known before. Siri was the most prominent of these. The virtual assistant Siri, whom everyone has imitated but has never been as successful as Siri, is no longer a woman.

With two male and two female voices, Siri now works with the voice you selected during setup. Thus, Siri does not appear with a female voice as standard. However, for now, four different voice options are only available in English.

On the other hand, one of the most striking features was the battery calibration tool. The feature, which is currently known to be valid for the iPhone 11 series, has been revealed to solve the incorrect prediction problem encountered in the battery health report system. Accordingly, the smartphone will be able to recalibrate itself for maximum battery capacity and highest efficiency.

When we came to Face ID, as previously known, the option to unlock with Apple Watch was introduced as a solution to the security measure that does not work with masks. With this version, this feature has become even more effective.

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IOS 14.5 beta 6, which brings many features such as the updated Apple Maps application, PS5 and Xbox Series X controller support, sharing lyrics in the music application, is available for developers.


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