The analysis data of App Clips cards, which offer the opportunity to use applications without downloading, are open to developers. Developers will be able to access data through App Store Connect.

App Clips, which is very similar to the Instant Apps solution of the Android operating system, offered by Apple with the iOS 14 version, is also available to developers.

What does App Clips offer?
Today, apps are downloaded billions of times in app stores, but it is a fact that users want to try the app without downloading. Google uses a solution called Instant Apps on the Android operating system for this. Compatible apps can be used without the need to download, so you can get an idea of ​​how it works.

Apple’s App Clips feature, which is available with iOS 14, is based on the logic of using the application instantly without downloading it. However, users can perform certain operations in this small piece and even pay for coffee using Apple Pay. If he wants, he can download the relevant application. App Clips can be presented as a label, as a QR code or as a link.

App Clips has been analytical for a while. Starting this week, App Clips usage data will be available to developers on App Store Connect. Developers will be able to view clips ‘views, session errors, download counts, and analyze users’ interactions.

The number of views starts with the display of the App Clips card. The download numbers start by pressing the button on the card. If the user downloads the application by clicking the link on the card, the analysis is given to the relevant card.


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