We had previously reported about leaking information that appeared in the iOS 14 code. It has been predicted that Apple has been working on some changes to the iPhone home screen. In the light of these predictions, a new iOS 14 concept has emerged. The most striking detail in the new concept is that the main screen has a list-shaped design. iOS 14 list design may require habit based on the current design. The home screen design we are accustomed to on iPhoneiOS may change with the new update. It is already anticipated how this change will happen with concept designs.

Does iOS 14 come with list design?
The classic home screen design has been in our lives since the iPhone existed. Over the years, the company has fine-tuned many parts, such as files and searches. On the latest iPadOS 13, the widget was combined with the sidebar home screen. According to the estimates, the new list appearance will not replace the old silver, but it will come in addition.

You will most likely have to swipe from the home screen to the screen with lists.

Concept design was published on iSpazio.net. In the top of the design, the title ‘Recent’ meets us. Also, the notifications on the listed apps look the same as in the current versions.

Another iOS 14 concept was shared by Parket Ortolani. Here, we come across the Alphabetical, Recent and Notifications tab. The folders are lined up below. The new iOS 14 home screen concept has a search bar on the screen. It is planned to search for applications from here.

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Of course, these are all concept designs developed by users for now. There is no exact information about which ones will come true.


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