Apple updated its iOS usage figures today. However, the usage rate of iOS 14 has been determined.iOS 14 usage rate has been officially announced.

According to the information provided by the company, it is stated that the iOS 14 version is installed on 81 percent of iPhone models introduced in the last four years.

However, 17 percent of the remaining iPhone models continue to use iOS 13, and 2 percent continue to use older versions of iOS. At the same time, it is especially noted in the statement made by Apple that these figures only belong to the iPhone models released in the last 4 years.

Apart from these details, according to the data obtained from the iPhones currently in use, the usage rate of iOS 14 is 72 percent. This means that 72 percent of all iPhones currently in use have the iOS 14 operating system installed.

In addition, the shared report lists the current usage rate of iOS 13 as 18 percent. It is also among the shared reports that the remaining 10 percent use more minus iOS operating systems.

iPadOS 14 Usage Rate
At the same time, with the update made by the company, the usage rate of iPadOS 14 became clear. In this part, 61 percent of all iPad models use iPadOS 14.

While the remaining 21 percent use iPadOS 13, 18 percent continue to use older versions of iOS. In addition, it is also stated in the same report that 75 percent of the iPad models released in the last four years use iPadOS 14.


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