Apple came out with iOS 14 usage rate. Apple’s new update is officially attributing to the Android front. Here are the details.


Apple released the latest data on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 adoption rates this week. According to statements from Apple, 80 percent of iPhones use iOS 14. 70 percent of iPads work with iPadOS 14. We can say that the iOS 14 usage rate is officially proportional on the Android side. Because Android users still waiting for the Android 11 update are quite a lot.

As of December 15 of last year, iOS 14 was installed on 72 percent of iPhone smartphones. 61 percent of iPad owners were using iPadOS 14. If we take into account the smartphones and tablets that have only been released in the last four years, then as of February 24.86 percent of iPhones and 84 percent of iPads have been updated to newer versions of these operating systems.

Currently, 12 percent of iPhone smartphones use iOS 13. The other 8 of the active devices use previous versions of the operating system. 14 percent of iPad tablets use iPadOS 13. 16 percent use previous operating system versions.

Although Android 11 broke the Android 10 record in terms of delivery speed, it still lags behind iOS 14.

Apple became the world’s leading smartphone brand with record sales of iPhones in 2020, surpassing Samsung. While the company made a big jump in the last quarter of last year, Huawei’s position has been greatly weakened.

Shipments of iPhone smartphones increased 22 percent in the previous quarter, according to Counterpoint Research. The increase is due to the release of the iPhone 12 series that supports fifth-generation networks. Also, interestingly, sales of previous models did not fall after the price dropped. So we can say that Apple wins in every respect.

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