According to the latest information leaked from the Apple wing, the company may allow double biometric authentication with the iOS 15 update.

Touch ID is expected to be included in the new iPhone models.

According to the typical release schedule, Apple is expected to release a new iOS version in September this year and offer an early glimpse of some of the changes that will be delivered to WWDC in just a few months.

The first beta version of iOS 15 will arrive shortly after the event, but a new report published offers various information about the innovations that will come with the operating system. First of all, the report claims that iOS 15 will come with a redesigned Control Center, similar to the one currently found in macOS 11 Big Sur. In other words, Apple is allegedly planning to make the Control Center look more consistent across platforms.

Touch ID can be integrated under the screen
In addition, it is stated that Apple continues to work to enable dual biometric authentication in iOS 15. The reason for this is that, in addition to Face ID, a future iPhone model may come with Touch ID again. Apple gave up Touch ID when it introduced the new iPhone X with facial recognition in 2017, so currently the fingerprint sensor is only available on older models and the 2020 iPhone SE.

But sources close to the industry said earlier this year that Apple could bring Touch ID back on the iPhone 13, and the company could use an approach that’s already common to a few Android devices. The fingerprint sensor can be placed under the screen, so it won’t require a special physical button. As such, the report claims that Apple wants Face ID and Touch ID to work together, which will allow users to enable both features for extra security.

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