The highly anticipated iOS 15 update was introduced at the WWDC 21 event. The new update will make the iPhones excited. Here are the iOS 15 features.


Apple introduced the iOS 15 version, which will excite iPhone owners at the WWDC 21 event. We can say that the technology giant from Cupertino, which did not offer major innovations with the iOS 14 update, has kept all its innovations for this version. So, what does iOS 15 offer iPhone owners with its features? Which iPhone models will meet the update? Most importantly, when will this update be released? You are in the right place for answers to these questions.

New features for FaceTime and iMessage

The first innovation comes from FaceTime. FaceTime will now support professional audio. This will allow you to better understand who is speaking in group conversations. According to the information transferred, it will offer an experience like a face-to-face meeting. FaceTime will also be able to mute background sounds. Portrait mode is also coming to FaceTime, albeit late. You can now blur the background while talking to the front camera.

Another innovation for FaceTime is FaceTime Link. In this way, as in Zoom, you can create links and enable people to join the conversation. With this feature, we can say that FaceTime has also come to Android. Thanks to the feature called SharePlay, you will be able to listen to music and watch movies with your friends over FaceTime. Thanks to the SharePlay API feature, it opens the way for screen sharing between Apple devices.

Our next stop is iMessage. Messaging will now be more effective with iMessage, the world’s most secure messaging system. Photos can be sent in the form of collages. Sharing with iMessage will become much more fun, Apple says. We cannot say that there is a great innovation in the iMessage section.

No more notification mess

The notification center is also updated with the update. For focus, notifications will now be grouped and accumulated in a section called Notification Summary. In this way, you will be able to focus on new notifications. When you turn on do not disturb mode, when someone sends you a message via iMessage, this will be notified to the other party. Why you didn’t see my message will be history now.

The Preferences feature, which we remember from Nokia phones, will come to the Do Not Disturb section. In this way, you will be able to turn off some notifications of iPhone with one click while you are at work. In addition, do not disturb mode can be used simultaneously on all Apple devices.

Thanks to the feature called Live Text, when you take a photo of a text with the camera application, this text will be automatically converted to text. In this way, the need for 3rd party applications will be eliminated. It seems like Apple is a little late in offering this feature.

Improvements are also made to the Spotlight search screen. Now, when you search, even the texts written on the photos will be searched. We can say that Appel has surpassed itself in artificial intelligence. New features are also being added to the memories creation screen in the Photos app. Adding background music effects without the need for any application will now be possible with the Photos application.

With the new version, innovations are also made in Apple Wallet. Thanks to the feature coming to the Wallet application, you will be able to open the door of your house and, if you have a BMW, you will be able to unlock the car with iPhone without using a key.

Weather application is now completely renewed. Apple, which bought Dark Sky in the past years, will now offer users more detailed weather conditions.

Apple’s Maps app, which defies Google Maps, is finally rising from the ashes. The Apple Maps app will now even show traffic lights. It will be in America and certain developed countries.

For AirPods, Apple takes accessibility to the top. Thanks to the new feature, those who have hearing problems will be able to hear conversations more clearly with the amplified sound feature. Also, Dolby Atmos feature is coming to Apple Music today. When you lose your AirPods, a feature that you can find on the map is also added to the system.


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