The top-ranked global exchange Binance officially joins the IOST blockchain as a partner node and will initially bring over 800 million IOSTs to stake on the IOST network. This development was posted in an official IOST blog post on January 28, 2021.



Binance, the largest global volume-based digital asset exchange, has chosen to further develop its partnership with IOST. The IOST project is the newest proof-of-stake platform to be added to the popular staking program. Binance users will be able to share IOST shares on the Binance platform and be eligible for IOST rewards.

Binance and the IOST communities can celebrate this strengthened partnership and milestone by attending a launch event. Binance will share a prize pool and participants will be able to earn up to 54% APY.

The increased staking amount from the Binance stake pool will add more stability to the IOST network and the IOST price in the future.

Staking economy and development of IOST

Following in-depth cooperation with other leading mining pools such as Huobi Mining Pool, OKEx Mining Pool and Bithumb, the long-awaited Binance stake will make a positive contribution to the IOST ecosystem and give it a boost and stability.

In July 2019, shortly after the launch of the mainnet, it ranked # 1 globally in staking rankings in multiple mainstream blockchain institutions, including IOST, StakingRewards and BlockBeats, and among more than 80 other projects, including EOS and Tron. It became number 1.

Since IOST launched its mainnet in 2019, more than 400 partner nodes from nearly 20 countries around the world have joined its ecosystem. And these common nodes include crypto exchanges, media platforms, top tech teams, and more.

At the institutional level, the credibility-based blockchain is seen as one of the “big four” public chains with a rich user base and real applicability, along with Ethereum, EOS and Tron. In the midst of the busy crypto scene, IOST is emerging as a leader in smart contracting and is a world-leading public chain known for its numerous government collaborations and global corporate partnerships.

In terms of every performance, the enterprise-class network compares and even surpasses Ethereum in some metrics.

For this, the final ranking of China’s CCID ranked the project as the best blockchain platform under the Core Technology category, ranking better than Ethereum, EOS, and all other smart contract platforms rated by the agency.

It demonstrates the quality and ability to deliver a product that reflects the development team’s true desire to be better, innovative, and the best in the field.

Less than a month after the launch of the Altcoin, it was listed on Binance and soon formed a strategic alliance that was shown at various mutual events such as the Binance Charity Alliance. It can be seen that more developments may occur between the two companies in the future.


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