IOTA co-founder Schiener announced that the Pollen test network has been running on the platform for several months. It also added a GIF animation to showcase IOTA’s Pollen performance.



Emotionless, decentralized, determined

The co-founder of the nonprofit foundation, which focuses on the technical progress and adoption of the project, asked if the Twitter audience was aware of the progress of the experiments with the fully decentralized IOTA.

He confirmed that a fully decentralized IOTA has been running in a testnet environment for several months. He also stated that all transactions on this network are free.

As previously covered, Mr. Schiener has excited IOTA enthusiasts with the announcement of the senseless humorous cryptocurrencies in the IOTA ecosystem.

IOTA to launch first Nectar-powered NFT marketplace in June

Schiener added an animation showing the visualization module of the Pollen testnet analyzer. It is a type of navigator specific to IOTA’s network and shows the automated matching processes that occur in IOTA.

The next phase of IOTA testing is coming soon. For the first time, the IOTA-backed NFT marketplace shared its goals to go public in late June.

Test mechanisms will be posted on top of IOTA’s next testnet, Nectar. Thus, there is a chance to be launched within a few weeks.


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