iPad Mini 6 News: Apple’s tiny monster is said to be counting down the days for the iPad Mini 6. The new model will stir the tablet market with its design and features.


As you know, Apple has been dominating the tablet industry for a long time. Apple, which started to challenge PCs with the Apple M1 chipsets used in the new iPad Pro models, has been skipping the mini series for a while. Exciting information came today for the mini-series called shelved. It is said that this model, which is expected to be called iPad mini 6, will be introduced soon and will attract attention with its features.

iPad mini 6 may be introduced soon

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that Apple is preparing to release an updated version of the iPad Mini tablet this fall. The upcoming iPad Mini 6 is expected to launch alongside Apple’s larger-screen iMac. Mark Gurman states that the new model will be similar to the Pro models in terms of design. According to Gurman, the home button will not be included in the new model.

The new iPad Mini will reportedly have approximately the same dimensions as the current model. These dimensions will be 206.3 x 137.8 x 6.1 mm. In this case, the diagonal of the screen will increase due to the reduction of the bezels. The Lightning port will be replaced by the USB-C connector, albeit late, and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be moved under the device’s power button. We’ve seen this move on the iPad Air model. Probably on the new iPhone 13, the fingerprint reader will be placed on the power button.

It is said that Apple will not use the Apple M1 chip in its new tiny monster, but instead will use the Apple A14 or A14x chipset, which is the processor of the iPhone 12. Interestingly, this model will be more expensive than the main iPad, despite its small screen. It is also among the information conveyed that the new tiny monster, which will come with the 64 GB base model, will include a single camera setup.


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