It is now known to everyone that Apple has shown iPad Pro as a competitor to laptops. Tablets with powerful hardware will become much more functional with iPadOS, while this will be taken a step further.

One of the innovations brought by iPadOS was mouse support. In this way, iPad users have become much more comfortable working in applications such as Photoshop by connecting a mouse to the tablet as well as the keyboard.

iPad Pro will be different from computer with touchpad keyboard
According to the new reports, the new iPad keyboard, which Apple will introduce later in the year, will include a touchpad or trackpad with the company’s term. In this way, it will be possible to use iPad just like a laptop.

It is claimed that Foxconn will start mass production shortly and will be introduced with the new iPad Pro for this keyboard. The most curious issue here is which iPad models will support the keyboard with the trackpad. Because there is a possibility that this will be restricted by new models.

In addition, questions remain as to whether the Corona virus outbreak could delay the company’s plans.


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