In addition to revealing iOS 14, Apple presented during WWDC 2020 the iPadOS 14, the company’s operating system for tablets. Following in the footsteps of the smartphone solution, the OS will have support for widgets, but will bring its own improvements to larger screens, such as improvements to Apple Pencil and renewed design to improve the experience with certain apps.

The new edition of iPadOS promises to take better advantage of the company’s tablet screen. According to Apple, the display design of the applications will be improved. When answering a call, for example, the call screen will not take up all the space on the display and will bring a more discreet experience.

The applications will also have a sidebar, which will bring extra functionality to be used on the tablet. The novelty will bring the experience of using two-in-one computers closer together and promises to upgrade the multitasking experience on Apple tablets.

The widgets will be adapted to the large displays present on the iPads and will bring more distributed information on the tablets. In addition, Apple promises to improve the experience with the voice assistant Siri in the new edition of the operating system for tablets.

The company also revealed that the iPadOS 14 will bring the option to change default email and browser apps, ensuring more choices for iPad owners.

Apple Pencil and universal search

In addition to adapting functions present in iPhones for tablets, iPadOS 14 will feature exclusive enhancements for your devices. Apple Pencil received a new feature called Scribble, which improves the drawing and annotation experience on iPads.

The new functionality allows you to customize texts written with the pen and ensures more firmness when drawing. In addition, annotations made by hand with Apple Pencil are recognized by the system and can be found in searches.

The iPadOS 14 search engine will also receive major improvements. The new version of the OS will bring a “universal search”, which will allow you to find content in documents, contacts and even applications that are compatible with the functionality. The solution interface will be improved based on the larger screen of the iPad line devices.

IPadOS 14 will be the first major update of the operating system since Apple split iOS between tablets and smartphones last year. The news should arrive in the second half of the year.


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