In many new cars sold today, security measures such as emergency brakes and lane tracking assistants are coming as standard. Many automakers also use various sensors and cameras to integrate these systems into vehicles. Volvo also stands out with its steps in autonomous and safe driving. As a result of the agreement with the company Luminar, Volvo will use the LiDAR scanner technology used in iPad Pro 2020 models in its new cars.

Volvo will offer safer driving with LiDAR scanner!
The operating logic of the Lidar scanner is actually very simple. We are talking about a technology that can create an instant map of its surroundings as a result of millions of lasers it sends around. Let’s answer the question why other car manufacturers are not using this technology, which is safer than cameras and sensors, as follows:

The production cost of this system is announced as $ 75,000. It did not make sense for manufacturers to integrate this into cars. Because paying a luxury car money to a security equipment would not have been positively viewed by customers. However, Volvo has made a strategic investment to the Silicon Valley-based Luminar company to make high-resolution scanners that can work in autonomous cars. Volvo said autonomous cars with LiDAR technology will be off the production line in 2022.

“We want to have an experience that can go along a highway without the need for a driver,” said Henrik Green, technology chief Henrik Green. Our goal is to be able to produce cars with much safer autonomous technology in the future. ” said.

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The new generation XC90 model, which Volvo will introduce in 2022, will be shaped on the SPA2 platform. The most important feature of the SPA2 platform is the autonomous system called “Highway Pilot”. Apart from the cameras and sensors used in today’s autonomous technology, this system will be made safer with LiDAR scanners. In this way, automobiles that can go on their own without any need for the driver will be produced. The SPA2 platform will also be used on Polestar 3 and Volvo XC40 Recharge models. Cars developed on the SPA2 platform will receive automatic updates remotely, just like on smartphones.

Volvo also stated that they are making new studies in order for Luminar to put LiDAR technology into mass production. According to estimates, the cost of mass production of LiDAR technology is expected to be reduced up to $ 1000.

“Volvo is a brand known as a pioneer in safety, a new step in autonomous driving, safe driving, and Volvo is taking new steps to lead the industry,” said Luminar founder Austin Russell. We offer LiDAR technology, where we eliminate the production cost and mass production problem, not only to Volvo, but to all automobile manufacturers. ” said.


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