iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 discounts started in China. Could this wind be a storm that spreads all over the world? Here are the details …


We are witnessing that the prices are increasing day by day in the smart phone market. In the face of this situation, we see that the manufacturers have started to offer more affordable products. Apple has done something it has never patched this year and launched an iPhone called “Mini”. While discussing whether the phone is successful or not, Apple started the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 discount wind in the Chinese market with a big campaign today.

Both phone models were discounted for $ 92. As you know, one of Apple’s biggest strongholds is China. Because Apple is reaching huge sales figures in the Chinese market. Recently, the sanctions of the American Governments against China caused the Chinese people to react to American companies. Appel’s move after a decline in sales can result in a resurgence of sales.

Apple also launched a campaign for the defeated AirPods 2. Those who buy AirPods are given a free 4-month Apple Music membership. So it seems that; Apple wants to regain the hearts of the Chinese with a big campaign.

Information began to come about the iPhone 13, which Apple will launch in 5 months. Production of Apple A15 Bionic chipsets to be used in the iPhone 13 series has started and announced that it will begin shipping TSMC chipsets in the first week of May. Shelves emptying before iPhone 13 …


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