Apple has a completely different point in the smartphone market. Apple, which is not interested in promoting a phone all the time and after introducing a phone, a different model is introduced and devotes all its energy to the marketing of the iPhones that it puts on the market, it achieves great success every quarter. Looking at the most popular 5G phones in America, according to a report that came today, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most popular phone.



We saw that the next generation iPhone 12 Pro Max took first place in 49 of the 50 states in America. However, the second most popular phone was the iPhone 12. As you can imagine, the third most popular phone was the iPhone 12 Pro. There is no iPhone 12 mini on the list. Because it was a phone that could not be preferred. The fourth place on the list was the Galaxy S20 + and the fifth phone was the Galaxy S20 Ultra. So how phone deals of America and Turkey? Let’s remember this…

  • iPhone 12 $ 799
  • iPhone 12 Pro $ 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max $ 1,099

It is also among the information that Apple will make the real leap in the iPhone 13 or other name, the iPhone 12S. It is also stated that Apple will make a serious change, especially in the new generation iPhone 13.


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