Apple, one of the largest technology giants in the world, currently did not pay money with iPhone 12 sales.


Apple, which took over the smartphone market months ago, is currently working meticulously on the foldable iPhone model. The company, which will make the phone series that sell millions of units all over the world, have a foldable structure, continues to catch our radar with brand new developments. The company, which will introduce the foldable iPhone model until 2024, has found its place in our news with iPhone 12 sales today. With the sales of smartphones that have been launched in the past months, it has succeeded in forgetting its past models. The phone model managed to fill the company’s safe with money.

As you may remember, we mentioned in our previous news that Apple is trying to make you forget the Mini model in the iPhone 12 series. While the mini model could not meet the expectations with both sales and performance, Apple soon stopped the production of this phone model. Trying to make the failure of the mini model forget, the company quickly turned to different areas and excited the users. While the company seems to make you forget this failure with the foldable phone model, it has been revealed how much the last phone of the series sold today.

iPhone 12 Sells Like Cheese Bread

Taking over the leadership of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple continues to excite us with brand new developments. Announcing that the 12 series sold more than the iPhone 11 series, Apple stated that the phone sold like crazy with 5G technology. Especially in China, the phone model, which performed very well, was able to fill the owner’s case with money. According to the information we have obtained, the successful phone model has sold more than 100 million units since its launch. The phone model, which stands out from its competitors with 5G technology, continues to increase its sales.


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