iPhone 12 sales exceeded 100 million units. It seems that the title of the most popular phone in the world will go back to the iPhone.


Apple from Cupertino introduced the iPhone 12 family without offering any major innovations compared to the iPhone 11. This move received a great response at first. But apparently Apple users remain loyal. According to the information received today, iPhone 12 sales managed to surpass 100 million worldwide in 7 months.

iPhone 12 sales make Apple smile

Even more interestingly, Apple’s first model, which passed the 100 million threshold in such a short time, was the iPhone 12. Although Apple offers no innovations, it has had its most successful debut worldwide. Even the iPhone X, which came with revolutionary features compared to the iPhone front, did not sell that fast.

Before the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 6 series was a series that had sold over 100 million devices, largely thanks to its new design and larger screen. The iPhone 12 series, on the other hand, seems to have gained popularity thanks to 5G, the Apple A14 bionic chipset, a new rectangular design and OLED displays on all models.

Within the iPhone 12 series itself, the Pro models saw an increase in sales share compared to the same tier models in the iPhone 11 series. In particular, the iPhone 12 Pro Max accounts for 29 percent of iPhone 12 sales, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max accounts for 25 percent. As a result, Apple’s revenue from the iPhone 12 series is expected to be much higher.

Apple will appear with the iPhone 13 family in September. Apple, which will introduce four models, namely main, mini, Pro and Pro Max, will again offer small things on the innovation side. These innovations will include a smaller notch, improved camera, and a 120Hz refresh LTPO OLED display exclusive to Pro/Pro Max models. On the processor side, the Apple A15 chipset will be used.


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