Apple has consistently received complaints since it introduced the iPhone 12 series. While some users complained about the network problem, some of them complained of fast battery drain, and some of them not being able to receive notifications. Stating that it solved the problems with a few updates, Apple unfortunately seems to be wrong with this promise. Because, according to new reports, users are now faced with wireless charging problem. According to the information received, people who have this problem are usually iPhone 12 users with iOS 14.3.


Apple, you remember, officially released iOS 14.3 in December. Addressing various issues, this update also brought new features for Apple Fitness and AirPods wireless headphones. At the same time, the company introduced the RAW feature for iPhone 12 Pro with this update. However, the problem with the US manufacturer “wireless charging crash” was unfortunately not what was desired. Because the users who have the latest version are still in trouble with the “wireless charging problem”.

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iPhone 12 owners cannot use wireless charges due to iOS 14.3

According to reports, some iPhone 12 owners cannot use third-party wireless chargers due to iOS 14.3. In other words, users cannot pair MagSafe chargers with their devices and cannot charge their charging for this reason.

As mentioned above, the problem is caused by a blocking of iOS 14.3. The company has now addressed this issue and has begun preparations for the next update. We hope that the update, which will be released soon, will eliminate this problem completely.


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