With the introduction of the famous analysts’ estimates, a short time before its introduction, new information about iPhone 12, which is awaited by everyone, continues to come. iPhone 12 is getting ready to make a difference with its voice recording feature.

iPhone 12 will make a difference with its voice recording feature
Apple enables AI-based photography with the latest A-series processors with built-in neural motors. In this way, users are provided to take higher quality photos.

This development, which started with Portrait Mode that came with iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, continued with the Night Mode and Deep Fusion options that came with iPhone 11.

According to a new patent application that belongs to Apple, the new sound feature designed for iPhone is remarkable.

Voice recorded from multiple microphones on iPhone will be able to work with higher performance via AI. The full name of this feature is in the patent as “spatially biased audio for binaural video recording”.

What is Binaural Registration?

In fact, it is a recording format known to those who are engaged in sound development and not new in technology. Binaural recording is a technology that uses double microphones to reflect the deepest sound differences the human ear hears. In this configuration, each microphone captures minor differences in sound and then blends it to create a more realistic sound environment.

Some binaural recording systems push the boundaries in technology. The main purpose of this method is to ensure that voices carry more realism than audio channels. Binaural recording methods have gone so far as to use the physical models of the human ear to reflect the path through which voices pass.

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Another bad news for those waiting for iPhone 12!

According to this emerging patent, Apple is not aiming to analyze sound from multiple microphones. It is also seen that video images captured from the dual-lens camera system will also be used to help create a computational model of the environment.


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