iPhone 13  News: Finally, the battery capacities of the iPhone 13 series have been clarified. All models in the iPhone 13 series will have larger batteries.


iPhone 13 battery capacity leaked. Batteries in the entire series increase compared to the predecessor models. The iPhone 13 series is still a long way off, but the news about the phones does not stop. The appearance of the iPhone 13 series, which will be introduced in September, has been more or less determined. The camera module is likely to grow as all models in the series will use sensor-shift optical image stabilization. In addition, the notch on the screen is getting smaller. Let’s come to more specific information about phones. The capacities of the batteries in the iPhone 13 series have been leaked via Weibo. Especially the increase in the Pro Max model is remarkable.

iPhone 13 Battery Capacities Announced

Looking at the recent iPhones, it is known to everyone that their autonomous structures have been developed and they offer longer usage times. The increase in battery capacities in the iPhone 13 series will further extend these usage times. Here are the battery capacities:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 4,352 mAh (18% more than before)
  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro – 3,095 mAh (9.9% more than previous models)
  • iPhone 13 mini – 2,406 mAh (8% more than the previous model)

One of the most important hardware upgrades in the iPhone 13 series will be on the screen side. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models will use Samsung-made LPTO OLED displays with 120Hz scanning rate. The iPhone 13 and iPhne 13 mini will feature 60Hz LG OLED displays.

Among the phones that will be introduced in September, we will see 5.4-inch screens on the iPhone 13 mini, 6.1 inches on the iPhone 13, 6.1 inches on the iPhone13 Pro and 6.7 inches on the iPhone13 Pro Max.


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