As one of the biggest technology companies of today, Apple’s sensitivity to security is known by everyone. Apple, which has provided fingerprint security on its smartphones for many years, has come up with Face ID, a new security method with growing screens and narrowing frames.



Although Face ID, which started to be used with the iPhone X, worked quite successfully, the pandemic hit it. Because Face ID, the biggest security measure that Apple has included in its new generation smartphones, can no longer recognize us and lose its function due to the masks on our faces.

As a solution to this situation, Apple urgently released an update and if you have a mask on your face, it was allowed to jump directly to the password screen. In this situation, which negatively affects the user experience, Apple’s old friend Touch ID comes to the rescue. Fingerprint readers, which can now be included under the screen, will find a place in the new generation iPhone models, according to the claims.

Face ID will also continue to be used in the iPhone 13 series, which is claimed to use an optical sensor instead of the ultrasonic sensor used in Samsung models. Thus, the security measures will be doubled.

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