The iPhone 13 model, about which we learn new information every day, appears this time with the leak of a new color variant!


It would not be wrong to say that we are faced with a new leak every day about the iPhone 13 series, which is expected to be the new device of Apple. Because, with the emergence of the phone with a smaller notch, the images circulating on the internet for a long time, the camera design and now the emergence of the new color variant, we have received a lot of information about the design of the device. Here are the details…

iPhone 13 Unstable Between Color Variants!

There will be four versions of Apple’s 13th smartphone series. In terms of design, the models, which are not much different from the previous series, will have a larger chip and increase the storage space. The screen refresh rate will also be increased, and there will be a change in color variants of the series. According to the claims circulating on the internet, the device, which will have a “Pink” color option, has managed to mislead users. According to a Twitter user, the device will have a color between Orange and Bronze. It is fair to say that this color, which can be described as a “cuttle mouth”, suits the device very well.

The company’s 13th smartphone series is scheduled to debut in September 2021. However, it is possible that this event will be postponed due to pandemic conditions. According to the current conditions, such a postponement is not even in question. As we receive new news about the device, we will share it with you.


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