One of the most important features that make our smartphones perfect is undoubtedly their cameras. Manufacturers certainly include various camera upgrades in their new phones that they release every year. For example, if the previous phone came with a 48-megapixel main camera, it is possible to see a 108-megapixel main camera in the next model. Or, additional sensors may come with the new model. It is possible to see lenses with different resolutions or different apertures. However, there are scary news that we will not be able to see these things in the new iPhone models for a while.



Agreement with three companies for 2021 model iPhone

Ming – Chi Kuo, one of the famous analysts, made some very striking claims about Apple. According to Kuo, the US manufacturer has agreed with three suppliers for 2021 iPhone models. This trio of Largan, Genius Electronic Optical and Sunny Optical will meet Apple’s camera needs in 2021. So far, everything is ok. However, the analyst also mentions that Apple will not include new cameras in its phones for two years. Examining the technology and product lines of the aforementioned companies, Ming – Chi Kuo points out that there will be no innovation in camera hardware in new iPhone models until 2023. In other words, camera upgrades may not be included in iPhone models for two years. In turn, the company can optimize existing lenses with a variety of software.

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Let’s see how the giant manufacturer will follow a path in the phones it will launch in the coming years. Let’s wait and see.


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