iPhone 13 News: Apple, an indispensable part of the smartphone market, is preparing to announce a new phone. It looks like the iPhone 13 launch is getting closer and closer.


Nowadays, when the balances continue to change in the smart phone world, new developments are continuing. As Xiaomi moves with its plan to become the leader of the smartphone market in 2023, Apple’s throne is also shaking. Taking over the industry in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple returned the key to leadership in the first quarter of 2021 to Samsung. Currently, while different phones continue to upset the balances with their sales, leaks about the iPhone 13 continue to come. According to the information we have obtained, it seems that the launch of the device will be very soon.

In the coming period, there are new news from Apple, which will make a name for itself with foldable iPhone models. The company, which plans to leave its 12th series behind with its new phone series, is once again making a name for itself.

iPhone 13 Here Is The Future

The new smartphone series, which has been featured in our news many times until today, continues to be eagerly awaited. The company, which announced last week that it will produce Apple A15 SoC processor for its own smartphone models, will probably use these processors in the new phone series. Stating that the A15 SoC processor is produced using the second generation 5nm N5P process technology, the company will offer less battery consumption compared to the A14 and will increase the performance by 20 percent. The company, which is expected to introduce the 15th series in September this year, will soon bring the 13th series to our attention.


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