Apple faced generative problems due to the pandemic and things did not go well for the iPhone 12, but the iPhone 13 Pro will make up for it!


Apple faced problems during the production phase due to the pandemic last year. As a result, he had to wait until October for the iPhone 12 series, which he wanted to launch in September. In fact, we heard that it could not offer some of the innovations it wanted to its users. For the iPhone 13 series, we do not expect the same problems because the Apple side had a lot of time to prepare. On the contrary, we hope and expect new devices to come with better screens, the return of Touch ID and improved camera performance. According to the information we have obtained, it does not offer some improvements, especially in the iPhone 13 Pro camera. Let’s examine them!

What Does the iPhone 13 Pro Camera Offer Us?

We do not know other iPhone models, but we do know that a brighter lens with f / 1.5 aperture will be used for the 13 Pro. However, all iPhone 13 models will come with 7P lenses in their main cameras. This technology was also used in iPhone 12 main cameras and together with 7 different glass elements it gave us 2 important advantages. To remember these, with the increase of the light transmission rate, better quality photos were produced and the chromatic aberration was reduced and more accurate colors were obtained. We estimate that these ingenious lenses will be available on all iPhone models in the coming years.

The iPhone 13 model will not come with groundbreaking innovations on the camera side, but there are such rumors for the iPhone 14 and 15. According to the information we have obtained, the voice coil motor in the cameras of these iPhone devices will have a design integrated into the lens arrangement, thus providing a space advantage in the camera area. It is also likely that we will see a compact design periscope camera demonstration next year. With the arrival of new technologies, the continuation of the company’s work is progressing in the right proportion.

This is all the information we have for now. I can say that we are looking forward to the iPhone 13 series. When new information comes out, it is about to convey to you, our valuable readers!


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