The iPhone 13 Pro model, which Apple has not yet introduced, is on sale. For luxury lovers, Caviar has offered new models for pre-order at record prices.


Known for producing expensive versions of popular phones, Caviar could not wait for the introduction of the new generation iPhones this time. Caviar has surprisingly pre-ordered the iPhone 13 Pro. The phone, which comes with a pocket-friendly price, has thus appeared with its design. It seems that the rumors will be 100 percent true and the lenses will grow quite large in the next generation.

iPhone 13 Pro goes on sale at record price

Caviar designers in the decoration of the collection; It uses ground coffee, natural vanilla, rosebuds, mountain daisies and cornflowers. The body will be made of mahogany wood. According to the creators, biocide will be used with the base, which are natural materials. In addition, the case will be combined with plasticizers and solvent-free substances. As you can see, it will be a true nature friend.

The luxury lineup will include four models in total. These; It will be called Vanilla Coffee with ground coffee and vanilla particles, Alpine Cornflower with Alpine mountain cornflower, Spicy Rose with dried rose petals, and Alpine Daisy with chamomile flower.

Caviar also promises that the natural scents of coffee, cornflower, rose, vanilla and chamomile will last for up to three months and can then be restored. Although the collection is created for 13 Pro, those who want can order these designs according to the iPhone 12 Pro.

This model, which will be produced only 99 units, is expected to go on sale in October. It seems that it will not be good for the Cupertino company that Apple has leaked so clearly before introducing its new series in September. Probably, Apple will take large-scale measures to ensure that the new models that it will introduce next year are not leaked.


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