Some iPhone 13 Pro images were leaked recently. Now a new one has been added to them. Let’s see how the design has changed!


Especially with the iPhone 12 series, Apple is working harder this time, unable to achieve what it hopes for or even produce what it wants. The new series of the new year is planning a design that will please the users for the iPhone 13. Some photos of the series were revealed and the users liked this color, which is obviously called teal blue. It would not be wrong to say that the design of the iPhone 13 Pro has changed in line with the current information we have. Let’s see how this new design is!


iPhone 13 Pro Camera Design Has Changed!

With its new design, there will be no color difference in the rear case design of this model. So the teal color we see on the promotional product is still valid. However, as you can see from the image below, a black glass will be used in the camera module. Thus, the camera set on the back of the device will not be as pronounced as before. However, we see that the camera bump has risen a little higher. So this means that a serious improvement in terms of the camera is waiting for us!

However, to remember the other features of the device, Samsung would use a production display panel and have a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. With the technology in it, this screen refresh rate will change automatically. The device will include an Apple A15 bionic processor and this model will come with W-Fi 6 support. This is all we know for now and our curiosity is increasing day by day. Over time, we will see what else the new generation, the most powerful iPhone, will offer us.


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