The iPhone 13 Pro model, which Apple will introduce in September, showed itself. There will be small but effective changes in the design. Here is the design!


Apple with Cupertino will organize an iPhone 13 event in September, if nothing goes wrong. Apple, which will introduce 4 different models at this event, will put the father’s features in the Pro model again. It turned out that Apple, which will be revived with the iPhone 13 Pro, will make small but effective changes in the design.

As you know, with the iPhone 12 family, the design was likened to the iPhone 5 and the transition was made to a more diagonal design. This very popular design will also be used in new models. but Apple will make small touches on the camera and notch side. The notch that came with the iPhone X will be shrunk this year, albeit late. In this way, the user will be offered a wider viewing experience. On the camera side, the lenses seem to grow a click. In addition, a different structure will be used for protection around the lenses.

Apple will also include a triple camera setup in the Pro model. These cameras will be positioned as main lens, telephoto and depth. In addition to these sensors, there will also be a LiDAR sensor. There will likely now be an improvement in the LiDAR sensor and depth information will be calculated faster and more accurately.

A surprise may be made in the new models, which are said to be powered by the Apple A15 chipset. Apple, which is likely to bring the Apple M1 chipset to the iPhone, can turn its rivals into a smack boy, if it does. Because the Snapdragon 888 can barely show half the performance of the Apple M1. It’s an extremely powerful processor. However, we think Apple will not do this for now.


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