Apple, which is at a very important point in the smartphone market, left the seat of the third largest manufacturer in the world to Xiaomi. It is not known whether he will take his seat back in the new year, but Apple is preparing for a serious change for the next iPhone model. Even though the name iPhone 12S is used for the next phone, sources close to Apple say Apple will announce the name of the new iPhone as iPhone 13. Let alone the bad luck of the number 13, the iPhone 13 Pro suddenly appeared today.



We see that the phone will go through a major change first. Because Apple will now remove the Lightning charging input from its phones and continue with wireless charging, which it calls MagSafe. However, we see that the rear camera structure is less protruding.

It is also among the information that Apple will use an AMOLED display in the next generation iPhone 13 family. The company will also present the under-screen fingerprint sensor that has been used in the Android ecosystem for a long time.

A value detail about the new phone will be that Apple will now pay attention to the criticism and bring the screen scanning speed to 120Hz. Apparently; It seems that all the criticisms we have made before have been taken into consideration by Apple. Because we criticized all these changes made today in our video why the iPhone 12 cannot be purchased before. Now let’s see how the next generation iPhone 13 will be in the video …


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