Recent reports claim that the iPhone 13 series will be thicker and will come with a smaller screen notch.

According to information from Apple’s Chinese suppliers, the iPhone 13 series is claimed to be thicker and will come with a smaller screen notch compared to previous models of the series.

According to the information obtained by MacOtakara, known for its proximity to Apple, we see that the iPhone 13 models that will be introduced next year will be the same as the iPhone 12 series in terms of design.

However, it is also among the shared information that the models that are stated to be exactly the same in terms of design will differ in thickness and screen notch. In this section, the iPhone 13 models are claimed to be 0.26 mm thicker than the iPhone 12 models.

On the notch part, it is also stated that with the new iPhones, Apple can reduce the size of the TrueDepth sensor. Thus, Apple, which will also reduce the screen notch size criticized by users, is expected to include a smaller screen notch in new iPhone models.


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