The iPhone 13 series will have the screen always on feature, which has been used in the Android ecosystem for years. Let’s take a look at the latest developments.


Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman recently published a report that the iPhone series will not have a fingerprint scanner. Special information about the iPhone 13 series continues to come from the Bloomberg front. The same editor claimed that this time the iPhone 13 series will have the screen always on feature. Now let’s look at the details of this development.

Apple introduced the always-on function with the fifth-generation Apple Watch. It was a great surprise that this feature was not included in the iPhone 11 series introduced at that time. Later developments were that Apple did not bring the screen always on feature to iPhones due to battery concerns. But with the iPhone 13 series, these concerns disappear. The improvement that eliminates this concern is Samsung’s LTPO screens, which are adaptable between 1Hz and 120Hz.

Combining LTPO with OLED display technology will keep the screen always on on the iPhone13 series. A low refresh rate allows the display to operate at low brightness levels. This helps save power when you don’t need the screen to be fully active. Most high-end Android smartphones already have this feature, and Apple’s implementation is expected to be similar to it.

According to the report, in this function to be used in the iPhone 13 series, the clock and battery level will be constantly visible on the screen. However, when the screen always on mode is active, this area on the phone will light up temporarily when notifications come. As you can see, the screen always-on feature on the new iPhones will not be as advanced as on Android.


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