iPhone 13 News; Apple’s new iPhones will sell like cheesecake. Therefore, it is said that the production capacity for the iPhone 13 will be increased.


Technology manufacturer Apple from Cupertino was criticized for not offering major innovations in the iPhone 12 family it introduced during the pandemic period. However, these criticisms did not overlap with the sales figures, and Apple managed to sell out with its new series all over the world. Now, the eyes are on the iPhone 13 family, which will be introduced in September. Apple, which will introduce four different models again, will take action on the notch, albeit late this time.

iPhone 13 could sell out all over the world

An interesting claim has been made today about the new series, which will come with a smaller notch and larger camera lenses. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple expects to ship 90 million iPhone 13s by the end of this year. Apple orders around 75 million new iPhones for the launch period, which typically runs from September-October to the end of the year. But this year, the company wants to increase its production by 20 percent. It’ll probably sell like a new batch of cheesecake. That’s why Apple doesn’t want to have stock problems.

The new series, which may also be called iPhone 12S, will have the same inch values ​​as its predecessor in terms of screen size. Apple, which will use a 60 Hz OLED display in the main and mini models, will include an OLED display developed with 120 Hz refresh LTPO technology in Pro and Pro Max.


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