iPhone 13 will use Samsung displays with 120Hz refresh rate. Friendship has begun on the Apple and Samsung front.


The ice between Apple and Samsung, which has been struggling in the smartphone market for a long time, continues to rapidly thaw. Samsung, which came up with foldable smartphone screens months ago, surprised with this news. As you may remember, in the past months, we have stated that brands such as OPPO and Xiaomi have shook hands with the South Korean company for their foldable smartphone screens. In addition, we mentioned that Apple has also made an agreement with the Chinese supplier BOE for foldable screens. However, today such a detail has emerged that we can say that the companies hit the right and hit the left. The iPhone 13 will appear with a Samsung OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate.

We have mentioned many times before that screens are of vital importance in the smartphone market. The precision and refresh rate of the screen is among the details that seriously affect the users. Until today, this ratio was satisfactory for iPhone models. So we can say that Android has always been one step ahead in terms of display. Apple is aware of this situation that Samsung has decided to use a screen in its new flagship series.

iPhone 13 Will Be Launched With Samsung Displays

The South Korean company and Apple front have been rivals in the smartphone market for years. The two companies approaching each other with the iPhone 13 surprised. With the information received today, it has been revealed that the company’s new smartphone series will also use Samsung OLED displays with 120Hz refresh rate. According to a new report from South Korea, the phone models that will use Samsung screens will be iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple, which will present LTPO technology to its users with new screens, will have made a great innovation.


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